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[WR2|Conv|WIPlRel]HomeBush, N.S.W
i've decided to adopt the FVR Modding teams' way of releasing Mods, they release a WIP, this will be my first Beta, you might say of this track, the idea of releasing them this way, is to get as much feedback as i can, this track is not to be hosted anywhere apart from ammods, for the purpose of having control of the release,

now here's the deal if you download this track from my site, this is what i need back from you

as much negative and positive critz as you please, what i dont want to hear is this

"nice job" or "thanks for the mod"
if you do this, i'll ignore you, i only want to hear from those who are either seasoned players of this game and have an eye for details, and i would like also to hear from modders who will be able to help me fix things that i clearly cant,

ok this track is available by visiting ammods, - downloads/Sceneries, thankyou for takin the time to view this thread, i've not posted pics because if you have looked at the vid, you will get a general idea of what it's about.

oh and one last thing, i want lots and lots and lots of pics, so i can see what needs to be fixed up,
thanks alot

respectfully ammods

edit/the closing date for this mod - ie to leave feedback is 31 october, at that point, i'll fix up what i know how to, and release a final version of this map...
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